Dear all State Coordinators,

Online registration through NCSC Web-portal is going on. to avoid the complications in future, please direct your district coordinators to take care and promote the children group those are participating in the NCSC 2016 to login the web-portal and register them selves also support them.

Some of the children groups have already registered them selves. Please instruct the district coordinator to check the groups and approve the same in their respective district by login district coordinators id and password. the User ID and password of each District Coordinators have already been provided to each state Coordinators in the last year.

District Coordinator should upload the district events in the event menu so that the information shall go to the registered participants in time.

Similarly each state coordinator must upload the State events in their menu by login the website.

Note: if any registered (group) participants shall miss or not participate in the district or Sate level event of CSC without having proper information on website, the respective District and State Coordinator will be responsible for any complications or Query raised. This has already been informed to all PIs of NCSC during the Project presentation meeting at Chennai on 09.07.2016.
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