About NOSTC-Network
The NOSTC- Network was formed about 25 years back with the objectives of initiating and implementing coordinated programmes of science outreach in association with government and non-government organisations. National Council of Science and Technology Communication, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi catalyzed the formation of this organization. It is a registered body guided by a Board of Governors with headquarters at Delhi. It has about eighty members spread in all states and union territories. Volunteers in districts lend it great strength and capability for implementing projects that reach the common man and woman. It has shaped and reshaped the Children’s Science Congress every year for the past 21 years giving it more features to make it enriching for all participants. It has organised the Teachers’ Science Congress over the past fourteen years giving a platform for innovative science and maths teachers. Network provides platform for interacting with eminent scientists and encourages young budding scientists also. The Network led the nation in observing the Year of Scientific Awareness in 2004 and International Year of Physics (Appreciating Physics in Everyday Life) 2005. It undertook a three year campaign for Planet Earth 2007 and is drawing up ambitious plans for the future. It has many publications in Hindi, English and regional languages that are always in demand. The Network welcomes new members to improve the planning and implementation of its programmes. It seeks new areas in development communication, technology outreach and promotion of innovation over the next few years. Even as rapid developments impact on society, the next phase promises to be even more exciting and rewarding.
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