• Socking News Prof Yash Pal passing away
    Dear All, With deep sadness, I wish to inform the sudden passing away of our guide and mentor Prof Yash Pal. He was briefly ill and passed away peacefully on 24th July 2017. We all know that he was a brilliant scientist, a great institution builder...Read More>>>
    25 Jul 2017
  • NCSC 2017 call for proposal
    Dear All The process of registration and proposal submission for NCSC 2017 has began. Kindly upload your proposals on-line at at the earliest and latest by 15 july 2017. Kinldy clear your past records by submitting UC/SAE and PCR by 10 July, 2017.     ...Read More>>>
    12 Jun 2017
  • 25th NCSC registration
    Dear All District & State Coordinators (NCSC) On line registration for 25th NCSC has started and going on. Please circulate among the concerned institution/s and associates to aware the children for online registration for smooth functioning of NCSC activities in District and State Level events. ...Read More>>>
    27 Apr 2017
  • Venue for 24th NCSC 2016
    24th National Children’s Science Congress 2016 is going to be held between 27th to 31st December, 2016 at the venue  Vidyapratisthan’s Institute of Information Technology (VIIT), Baramati, Maharashtra. Shri Sujit Banerjee, Scientist F, has been given the charge for coordinating the activities related to NCSC as National Programme Coordinator.  Shri Amol Goje, Director, VIIT Baramati,...Read More>>>
    21 Sep 2016
  • NCSC Activity Guideline 2016-17 has been uploaded
    Download Activity Guideline 2016-17 Click Here ...
    02 Aug 2016
  • Information for State Coordinators
    All State Coordinators are requested to give the direction to the district coordinators to log in the website by using their user id and password and approve the group/s. ...Read More>>>
    24 Jul 2016
  • Massage for State Coordinators
    Online registration through NCSC Web-portal is going on. to avoid the complications in future,...Read More>>>
    24 Jul 2016
  • Online registration for 24th National Children's Science Congress is going on.
    Student/Children may registration themselves or by support of guide teacher or parents on clicking New group registration on the home page. For details please go to the Eligibility menu. ...Read More>>>
    08 Oct 2015
  • NCSC presence on all different Social Media Platform
    NCSC is proud to announce its offical presence on all different social media platform like facebook, twitter, G+, linkedin and youtube. Ncsc mission is to get social experience that resonate with students, faculty members, staff members and...Read More>>>
    28 Jul 2015
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