Presentation of Report
You have done the project in a group but due to logistics only group leader presents the report at National Level CSC. Even at State Level Congress very few states are able to bear travel and lodging boarding expenses for all member of the group.

Each child would be given some specific time of 8 mins to present the report and 2 mins for interaction with evaluators and other participants.
  • Working models/charts/transparencies can be used for presentation.
  • If the study has been conducted in a group the group leader shall present the report.
  • Display of models/charts could be arranged for judgement if required.
  • Summary of the report in around 500 words should reach the District Co-ordinators 15 days before the Congress. For the cover page ue the same format.
  • 1 (One) copy of the project report, with 3 (three) copies of abstract in English/Hindi have to be submitted while Reistration.
  • The Project Report submitted at Registration Counter are evaluated by Judges seperately. This helps in making Citation and Assessment sheet of Project for all participant.
  • There is a special session for poster presentation, you should not use more than 4(four) posters. Make your poster unique and innovative. It should contain only the main points of the project.
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